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Frequently Asked Questions

Savings & Benefits
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  1. Can I really save on my water heating costs using the Titan?
    Yes. You can save up to 60% on your water heating costs.
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  2. How many showers can the Titan Tankless Water Heater provide?
    You can take endless hot showers with the hot water the Titan provides. Because it does not use a tank, there is no limit, no hot water to run out of. You and your family can enjoy shower after shower without running out of hot water.

    And since the Titan heats water only as it is drawn, you will also save on your water heating costs. You will save AND have an endless supply of hot hater on demand.

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  3. How does the Titan Heater work?
    One of the greatest benefits of the Titan Heater is that it only consumes energy on demand; that is, when you open your hot water faucet. The water is heated immediately and in just seconds you'll have hot water at your finger tips. The key to the savings is the on demand method by which water is heated, only when you needed.
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  4. Does the compact size of the Titan Heater limit its power?
    One of the great benefits of the Titan Heater is its compact size by which allows installation almost anywhere. Because of it size the Titan Heater is composed of a newer and more advance technology giving it a greater capacity. It does not only make installation quick and easy, requiring no venting or pressure relief valves, but making it a faster and more accurate temperature sampling system. In relation to it size, this techonogy has an advance average of 99.5% over other heaters, making it the most efficient and powerful water heater in the market.
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  5. What are the dimensions of the Titan Heater?
    Dimensions: 10" in height / 7" in width / 2.75"in depth / 8.0 lb in weight
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