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Tankless water heaters : Why use them?

Tankless water heaters have many, many advantages over conventional, tank-type water heaters. Here are just a few major reasons why you should switch to a tankless hotwater heater.

Save Energy
Reduce your water heating bill by up to 60% savings.

Endless Showers
Never run out of hot water again, enjoy long showers.

Heat Your Home
One unit may provide all the hot water for your entire home.


Proven Track Record
In the market since 1986, our quality makes the difference.

NASA Technology
Our units employ the technology of tomorrow, today.


Performance, Value
Our heaters outperform the competion, yet cost less.

Made in the USA
Every tankless water heater we sell is American quality.


Our Environment
Our heaters are environmentally friendly, save energy resources, are recyclable and fully serviceable.

Long Service Life
Our 10-year warranty ensures your heater's serviceable life.



Energy savings of up to 60%
Energy savings of up to 60%Save up to 60% on your monthly water heating costs. Our tankless water heater is a demand-type unit. This means that the Titan operates ONLY when hot water is drawn in your home. When no hot water is being used, the Titan uses no electricity.

The opposite is true of conventional tank-type heaters. In a conventional heater, water is stored in its tank. The water is kept heated, continuously; even when you are asleep, at work, on a trip. This is an amazing revelation to many consumers, but it is just a fact.
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Enjoy endless showers
Enjoy endless showersTraditional heaters are limited to the amount of hot water they can provide by the size of its tank. It is very likely that you will run out of hot water after just about two showers. You might be familiar with this fact, how many times have you been greeted by a cold surprise in the morning? Our Titan does not have this restriction. You can enjoy long hot showers, shower after shower, after shower. Your water is heated instantly, on demand.
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The Titan will heat your "whole house"
Whole-house tankless heaterOur tankless water heater is capable of supplying all the hot water your home needs. It is common to see a Titan in 4-bed 3-bath home. Keep in mind, it is not so much how many showers your home has, but the volume of simultaneous faucets open at once. The Titan may even be able to supply enough hot water for two showers at the same time, when efficient shower heads are installed. Usually, 1.5-2.0 gal/min flow should ensure hot water for two faucets.
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Proven track record
Since its introduction to the market in 1986, the Titan name has become synonimous with quality and reliability. Thousands of our tankless heaters have been sold and installed, nationally and abroad. Our units can be found in apartment buildings, homes, businesses, universities like Florida International University (FIU), and hotels like Ramada Inn, Holiday Inn, Plaza San Martin, and many more.

Take advantage of our technology and expertise by installing the Titan tankless water heater in your home.
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Space age NASA technology
Our engineers have collaborated with NASA in the development of new technology.

The result: The next generation of high speed electronic integrated circuitry. Some of this new technology has already been implemented in the Titan SCR2. And it is available right now, for you to benefit from it in your own home.
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Performance and cost
Our tankless heater outperforms other units selling for much more. In fact, many competing units cost more than twice the price of our Titan heater. But just compare the features, performance and warranty we offer and it will become clear to you that our tankless water heaters are dollar-per-dollar the best value in the tankless water heater market.
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American quality
American qualityAll our units are built and tested right here in the States. When you purchase one of our tankless water heaters you will be supporting our American, while at the same time acquiring a superior product employing the latest technology.

Our heaters will meet and exceed your expectations. You will be glad you purchased a superior product built in our own country.
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Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendlyBy using the Titan tankless water heater you will be saving energy. By consuming less energy you are contributing to the overall savings of non-renewable and renewable energy sources. Additionally, all the major components in our tankless water heaters are recyclable. It is clear that a tankless water heater is the more environmentally friendly solution for your hot water needs.
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Long service life
You can be confident that your new tankless water heater will provide years of reliable use. We back every unit with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty against leakage on all water carrying parts, and one year on all other components. See our warranty page for more details.
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Hard water resistant (hardwater)
The durable incoloy heating elements are housed inside rugged copper/brass chambers. The use of incoloy elements makes our tankless water heaters resistant to mineral deposits and hardwater (hard water) build up. Incoloy is an industrial-grade nickel-chromium heat-resistant alloy.

Incoly has excellent resistance to both reducing and oxidizing acids, carburization, to stress-corrosion cracking, and to localized attack such as pitting and crevice corrosion. The alloy maintains stable structure during exposure to high temperature, therefore incoloy is an ideal material to be used in our tankless heating elements.
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Slim, compact design
The Titan is a tankless water heater, thus, it uses no tank. This allows the unit fit just about anywhere in your home. It is about the size of a standard phonebook, but will produce more hotwater than your old heater. Even if you have space for an old fashioned heater, it is nice to know you can use that space for something more useful in your home.
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